Real Estate Photography | The Interior Scenes


A recent residential real estate photography session in the Pasadena Lakes Neighborhood, just minutes away from downtown St. Petersburg.

This home was nicely staged with furniture and decor which made it more interesting to photograph.

My client requested that I show the spacious feeling of this ranch style home and additionally show the abundance of natural light in the house and also feature the large, lush yard.

Balancing the interior and exterior light was critical.

To achieve the most pleasing feel and natural looking light, I mixed the natural window light filtering into the house through the windows, with the much brighter exterior light, a few lamps and ceiling lights found throughout the house to help create that lived-in look and, to tie it all together, I used strobe and LED lights very selectively and strategically placed.

As you see, I photograph multiple angles and differing views of most of the rooms. I do this to further enhance a viewer’s perspective of being in the house.

Enough said for the time being. Please continue viewing the other rooms and exterior of this residence below.

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Real Estate Photography | The Exterior Views
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