What I Offer As A Professional Photographer


I am an award winning commercial professional photographer with over 25 years experience specializing in portrait, wedding, product, and architectural  photography. Additionally, I offer full-service retouching, custom album design, graphic design and video.

I truly love my profession as a professional photographer and that enables me to be one highly motivated individual both when I am behind the camera or in post-production, working my images.

When working as a portrait photographer, I understand the need for you to feel at ease and comfortable when you are in front of the camera. One of my top priorities is to create a working environment to help you do so.

My training and experience has created an understanding of the dynamics behind each individual’s physical and facial features. This determines the better angles to photograph, the best lighting techniques, and even the lens selections.

My portrait photography style consists of contemporary, traditional, editorial, and casual lifestyle portraiture, with the main focal point of the image being the individual, couple, or group, and what you are trying to convey or capture. Additionally, there are times when I incorporate a candid photojournalism approach into my portrait photography.

My wedding photography is a mixed “fusion-photography” style, which combines candid photojournalism, portraits, controlled-candid, and editorial styles of photography. Check out My Wedding Photographer Style to see pictorial examples of the individual techniques. If you would like to gain a little insight about how make use of the essential wedding photography elements to create a comprehensive style to enhance your wedding day with a positive workflow, click here.

My commercial photography includes product photography and portraiture created specifically for advertising and marketing. A large portion of my product photography has been created for marketing and advertising the works of artists, including sculptors. My commercial work has been published domestically coast-to-coast and in Germany, Russia, Poland and Japan.

Photography sessions can be done on-location, at your business, in your home or in studio.

My clientele consists of brides and grooms, engaged couples, corporations and businesses both large and small, families, celebrities, artists, and other people engaged in the arts (actors/dancers/models).

As varied as my clientele is, I understand the universal need to have a premium-quality finished product. At the same time, I recognize and respect and, in fact, cater to the reality that your photography needs differ greatly.

I am an expert with lighting. This includes natural lighting, studio strobes, studio hot-lights, and blended-lighting. Blended-lighting uses two or more types of lighting to achieve a desired outcome. The best example of this is to blend a natural light source such as sunlight with an off-the-camera strobe light or flash.

I am an expert with posing techniques. I also continue to expand upon my posing techniques, styles, and repertoire. I also fully appreciate the fun, ease, and freedom of candid photojournalism photography. Additionally, and only at the appropriate times, I make use of a controlled candid technique that is oftentimes referred to as “faux-tojournalism.”

Committed To Excellence And Client Satisfaction

A Portrait, Wedding, Product, And Fine Art Specialist
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